on radio - night moves (classical) since mmvii

welcome to night moves on bdfm with me, norm dunk and my chief engineer, bradley;

night moves is (mostly) classical music with a twist
we play soundtracks, video game music, modern & x-over as well as all the usual fayre.

ever wondered how metallica would sound with a full orchestra ?
(or scorpions, kiss, led zepellin, pink floyd come to that)
maybe ac/dc, snow patrol, hendrix or bon jovi set to a string quartet ?
perhaps chris isaac wicked game amongst many more done as a gregorian chant ?

no ?

then there's the very excellent baritone, thomas quasthoff singing jazz ?
joni mitchell performing george gershwin
how about henry purcell portrayed in a norwegian folk style ?
or moonlight sonata on the banjo
(with a cello and violin to accompany it of course)

every avenue is covered and we've played music from 1104ad (Petrus Abaelardus)
right up to the present

we've had many uk exclusives incl being the first uk radio station to play:

einaudi - nightbook (first by 1 week)
max richter - sleep (not the 8 hour version though)
einaudi - live at royal albert hall (first by 2 weeks)
zimmer - the dark knight rises - a uk first full stop!
max richter - waltz with bashir (ost)
einaudi - in a time lapse (full cd exclsuive)

other notable composers/artists we have played first, and who, in the last few years have now become very well known:

the piano guys
ora singers
ola gjielo
alice sara ott
olafur arnolds
2 cellos
the harp twins
phamie gow
klazz brothers (cuban jazz meets classical)
brooklyn duo

we've played 'em all and that's what makes us unique
if you like to relax on a sunday evening

join me and bradley

who we are not:

the lark ascending
the four seasons
eine kleine nacht musik etc

not that there's anything wrong with these
but you hear them every day
we bring you something a wee bit different

sunday's playlist

listen here from 21:00 gmt

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