suspended july 2015

|   v  i  d  e  o  s   |

due to various copyright battles with you tube, I've decided to pull these - apologies

|  portraiture  |

pictures of solace - portraits with a focus  |  music: mazzy star, into dust

dawson series v - location shoot with dayna, paige & trisha  |  music: max richter, sarajevo

the raddison blu - location shoot  |  music: gaetano donizetti, amore e morte


|  landscape  |

a land in mono - landscape in black and white  | music: max richter, andante

colour lands - landscape in colour  |  music: michael nyman, trysting fields


|  documentary  |

working class - a slant on the current financial state   |   music: walter trout
winner Tully-Jackson Prize 2012

innocence stolen  |  a short story on a theme unspoken  |  music: ilsa weber, wiegala


|  misc  |

ocf part deux  |  using off camera flash (non instructional) music: benny hill theme

ocf examples  |  showing some examples of using flash off camera

|  ocf  |

off camera flash - a tutuorial (not video)


work in progress:

hollywood : glamour of the gods -  my interpretation of a look at 40's hollywood  |  music: schubert, standchen

essence of a woman - nude  studies |  music: tba

life in ruins - an alternate view of a theme  |  music: metallica, turn the page


n o r m